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01 Why Govindalaya? To augment and support Government and Non-Government initiatives (which at present are inadequate) to help and improve quality of lives of people living in KBK (Koraput-Balangir-Kalahandi) region in Odisha.
02 Is it a charity? It’s a social entrepreneurship with pro-environment, pro-poor, pro-women and prosperity orientation creating appropriate eco-systems for KBK to develop in due course.
03 Whose idea is this? A group of successful and prosperous people living in different parts of the world but hailing from KBK region.
04 What is it going to create? Inculcation of dignity and aspirations in people through creation of urban amenities in rural areas of KBK  .
05 What all are its products? Besides agriculture and horticulture produces, products    manufactured through Cottage, Small & Medium Scale Industries. And service like providing quality education, training, coaching and health services. All aiming at stopping forced migration through creation of local employment and engagement.
06 What is the targeted impact? Meaningful local engagements, economic activities and healthy lifestyles for rural youth, aging and retired persons and housewives.
07 Wherefrom funds will come for capital investment? Individual, institutional and corporate donations, Central and State Government support, regional and international non-government organizations’ patronage, CSR funds, private investment and self earnings.
08 Who will take decisions? Stake holders and their advisors with help of Govindalaya’s Support Network (GSN). Promotors with help of the secretariat which at present has 12 employees would remain responsible for implementation.
09 What is the eligibility for people managing the organization? Comprehension, action and vision are essential qualities we would look in persons occupying policy level positions of Govindalaya. Size of functional management will depend on number of activities, as each major Organisational activity deserves a project manager.
10 Whether persons working for Govindalaya will get remuneration? Yes; unless a person is interested to volunteer services. Volunteers will get compensated for the expenditure they may incur.
11 What is the salary structure? We are paying between Rs. 4000/- and Rs. 7000/- at executive level, between Rs. 9000/- and Rs. 15000/- at manager level at present. Advisors and Consultants will get compensated as per their terms of reference unless they agree to offer services for free.
12 How Govindalaya perceives it to be 10 years ahead. A vibrant organization employing about 100 persons creating opportunities for about 5000 people consistently helping growth, prosperity and higher aspiration levels in KBK region.