Through this initiative we have adopted a group of 6 farmers with one acre of land each near to our Farmers’ Training Centre. Considering such small landholding as a curse, these farmers including a woman farmer left the land idle and became dependent on uncertain and occasional employment in nearby villages.

On interacting with these farmers we came to know their difficulties such as lack of electricity, availability of water, boundary wall and knowhow to increase productivity of land. While assuring them handholding till making them confident, our staff formed an association of these 6 farmers known as ‘farmers’ club’ and collated information about all existing schemes and support systems of Government for farmers’ with less land holding.

As of now Govindalaya has helped them submitting application under Deep Borewell Secha Karyakrama, and raised funds to the tune of INR 1,20,000/- for them to deposit beneficiary contribution. This scheme aims at irrigating uncultivated but cultivable land through cluster development approach. Four or more applicants with a minimum of one acre land each on making payment 10% beneficiary contribution of the project cost would get one Deep Borewell and electricity upto bore well point under the scheme.

Presently borewell digging is ongoing on lands of these club members. Shortly all of them will have water, electricity and irrigation on their land. Separately we are exploring possibilities for them to get solar fencing for their lands.

In the mean time all the six members of this club are regularly attending our farmers’ trainings and are participating in our planning of six different model Sustainable Integrated Farming Systems (SIFS) for them to grow horticulture and diary products 365 days a year. Through SIFS approach a farmer with about 1 Acre of plane land can make profit of about hundred forty thousand rupees a year. Our targeted timeline to set up these six SIFS is one year from the date of commencement of work.

Kindly consider donating Rs. 15,000/- to help us guiding one farmer to set up Sustainable Integrated Farming System and earn livelihood with dignity. Please go to sponsor a needy section.