Besides monitory reasons we work for following substantial reasons for working.

  • KBK (Koraput-Balangir-Kalahandi) region needs our skills, and we feel obliged to supply them.
  • We like spending time in doing something we are good at.
  • We like being productive.

Our Work Philosophy

Knowing values of our work, allows us to:

  • work out what we hope to achieve through working – what our overall ambitions are set meaningful goals for ourselves
  • choose jobs that satisfy us in ways that are deeper than our ‘hip pocket’
  • understand why we feel dissatisfied in doing jobs that do not fit with our values.

Why others work for us?

  • to perform rewarding and meaningful activities
  • for companionship.

‘Rewarding’ and ‘meaningful’ work allows them to:

  • feel that they fit into and contribute to society
  • feel a sense of wellbeing and accomplishment
  • meet and interact with people of different backgrounds and cultures.
  • meet some of their financial requirements

How we ensure Job satisfaction

People get satisfied from the jobs they do for Govindlaya for the same:

  • pays them fairly for the work they do
  • proves their societal relevance
  • provides a protective environment and ensures their safety as they work
  • gives them a social life and identity
  • gives them a sense of personal achievement by presenting them with new challenges, helping them grow and be creative
  • makes them feel good about themselves – they can see themselves gaining experience, expertise and status, and being acknowledged by their colleagues and superiors.
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