What we have started so far, to us, is like an immediate response to emergency situations and we don’t really categorize this as core impact. Having built our capacity to respond with some influence, next phase of our work is going to be extremely critical for us.

We do not want to be running this intervention forever. Idea and aim is to make this work people driven. While programs are designed to provide the specific support required, deeper focus is towards building capacities of people to challenge the systems themselves and fight for their natural rights. Govindalaya is going to intensify its community work in phased manner. While we have strong presence and operations in Nabarangpur district, our work in other 7 KBK districts is limited. While we will continue with our plans of setting up a model rural infrastructure, we will reach out to all the districts of KBK region uniformly and make people of this region capable of responding to their long term needs while addressing the immediate threats.

We also intend to engage with Government on a more regular basis and seek its support in getting rid of mis-governance within the government departments dealing with and responsible for Health, Social Welfare, Women and Child Development, SC/ST Welfare, Education, Labour etc.

Old Students of various schools in KBK region, people living in different parts of the world who are interested in improving quality of lives in KBK region & volunteers have played a significant role in the growth of our programms. As we have acquired stability in terms of organization structures now, we are now looking forward to have a full fledged program with all such supported. We are all set to expand our ‘Govindalaya Support Network (GSN)’ where we will create opportunities and ways for the youth from colleges and Universities to engage with our programmes and experience how to improve quality of lives and empower people deprived of opportunities for ages. We want the youth to understand and realise the immense potential in them to do public good while pursuing their own careers. This will be an effective way to develop more caring and concerned citizens.

We realize that it is not going to be easy but having come this far, deriving the strength from the people we work for, we are confident of achieving it certainly. Looking at how optimist and hopeful are the people of KBK, we can only feel strengthened. These are the people whose rights are violated every day, who are abused and exploited but still they are determined and keep the hope for better future. We can only learn from them and continue with our small little efforts.