The Trustees together have pulled Rs. 1 Crore from their personal resources.

Govindalaya’s causes and tasks, however, demand more funds. We are fortunate; some persons have started believing in our ideas and contributed in cash and kind.

As a transparency measure we publish names of the donors supporting us with finance or kind worth Rs. 5000/- or more.

List of donors 

Shri. Pramod Kumar Khamari, Proprietor of Bhagirathi Hotel, Bhawanipatna (Odisa) donated us a new Maruti Omni vehicle which forms one of the vehicles employed by Govindalaya for patient transport systems.

Tribeni Prasad Gupta Small businessman Rs. 5021/-
Banamali Mahanti Govt. Employee Rs. 5000/-
K. Nabeen Kumar Small time contractor Rs. 10,000/-
Arun Das Bank Employee Rs. 5,000/-
U. Raja Rao Retd. Govt. Employee Rs. 5000/-
Y. Sarvani School Teacher Rs. 5000/-
P. L. Murty Businessman Rs. 5000/-
B. R. Das Retd. SAIL employee Rs. 5000/-
S. S. Das DMRC employee Rs. 5000/-
Y. Radha Rani School teacher Rs. 5000/-
D. Srikant LIC employee Rs. 5000/-
Prabhakar Patra Govt. Employee Rs. 5000/-

Note: this information is updated as on 31.3.2012.

You can contribute for our activities in several ways mentioned in “Help Govindalaya” section with detailed guidelines.

We request you to consider contributing to one of the four main funds mentioned below:

  • Corpus Fund

we pay remuneration to employees from interest earned out of this fund.

  • Fund for generation of      livelihood

We create and maintain opportunities out of this fund for locals to earn livelihood

  • Fund for holistic health

We develop and manage Old age home and alternate healing provisions and processes out of this fund.

  • Development Fund

We use this fund for developmental needs of the organization.