Through RTI Cell Govindalaya has devised a multifold approach to (i) ascertain significant policies of the Government, (ii) assess need of policy corrections, (iii) facilitating policy correction and improvement and (iv) cause policies in virgin areas of development and (v) implementation of Government policies.

2. Mandates of RTI Cell and its functioning:

  1. Identification of areas of concern – for policy evaluation – on its own as well as in consultation with persons interested;
  2. Ascertainment of Government policies and practices – in the identified fields – through RTI Applications;
  3. Exercising citizen’s powers under RTI Act such as Application seeking information, 1stAppeal and 2nd Appeal as and when required to break Government’s silence on policy aspects;
  4. Evaluating Government policies to ascertain whether stake holders’ interests are protected;
  5. Determining lacunae, if any, in Government policies as well as determination of new avenues of development and growth for enhancing reach of policies;
  6. Articulating need for policy correction and / or policy improvement as and when required in consultation with stake holders;
  7. Making representation(s) to Government at appropriate levels about issues of public importance and pursuing such issues till arriving at logical conclusion;
  8. Seeking judicial intervention by instituting Public Interest Litigation or petitions before other available statutory commissions and tribunals- if need be – for implementation and / or improvement of Government Policy.
  9. Rendering professional and expert services to Government, NGOs and other stakeholders on request.

3. Central Government Schemes for LWE Districts, Education and Public Health are to mention a few areas in which Govindalaya is working at present.

4. Work arrangements:  RTI Cell functions at Govindalaya’s head office at 90/4 (Ground Floor), Krishna Nagar, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi, PIN – 110029, Telefax 011-2617519, under direct supervision of Chairman.  Before making representations for policy corrections / policy improvements, RTI Cell seeks in principle approval(s) from Board of Trustees.

5. Associations / Services:  Any person interested in offering and / or seeking services may contact RTI Cell directly by writing a mail to

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