All human development issues have engagement and employment dimensions. Resources generation and infrastructure creation is a must for offering engagement and employment. Going forward in this direction Govindalaya has acquired 31 Acres. (little more than 12.5 Hectares) of plane land adjacent to a river (Indravati) tributary in a village namely SORUGUDA at about 9 Kms. from district headquarters of Nabarangpur in the centre of KBK region.

Besides offering services such as conducting awareness programmes, blood donation camps, providing patient & corpus transport systems, legal aid, consultancy in rural development, entrepreneurship development programmes and trainings we are now focusing on areas fundamental to old people and people without livelihood through creation of following infrastructure:

Old age home

We have crossed planning phase, construction shall begin in near future. The building is planned within a 5 Acres campus. Architecture of the building is disable friendly with ramps and supports around. Space in the building is good enough to house 100 elderly persons aged 60 years or more. While each room will accommodate 2 (two) persons, the house shall have a dormitory as well. The project will have facilities and provisions offering ailing, aging and old-age solutions. Facilities would include the followings:

  • lodging and boarding
  • day-care centre
  • recreational facilities
  • doctor and health care
  • ambulance service
  • medicinal and herbal garden around
  • vegetable garden
  • place of  worship

Theme behind this infrastructure is to keep and care old people living lonely and offering occupations of their choice such as supervising gardening, storytelling, baby sitting, accounting, content developing, editing, counseling besides engaging them in recreational activities like Bhajans, Kirtans etc. We are planning to train a group of villagers to be care givers for the inmates who may need round the clock attention, service and care. This service, however, shall be a paid service.

In order to make these facilities self sustainable we intend fixing minimal user charges for persons who can pay and to bear expenses of persons unable to pay through generation of revenue by growing vegetables and medicinal plants within the campus.

Promotion of small & medium scale industry

To promote industry by supporting landless farmers and entrepreneurs of the region Govindalaya has decided to offer half Acre of land (equal to 2,420 square yards or 21,530 square feet) on 10 years lease for a token amount of Rs. 100/- per year extendable for another 10 years at a higher but minimum lease rental to be decided after 10 years. This plan aims at development of an industrial cluster in KBK region to be replicated elsewhere.

Individuals, partnership firms or SHGs formed by persons of KBK origin can avail this facility for setting up following projects:

  1. Floriculture unit;
  2. Industry supporting solar products;
  3. Food processing industry;
  4. Industry for construction material by using low cost housing technology;
  5. Fishery industry;
  6. Water purifying industry;
  7. Bakery;
  8. Screen printing;
  9. Wood based industry unit;
  10.  Livestock industry;
  11. Mushroom cultivation;
  12. Honey production unit; or

Any other industry capable of generating employment for at least 10 persons per industry without causing environmental pollution.

Note: We intend promoting 10 industries in total under this scheme.

Besides providing land, we would arrange electricity and water for the Industry and help promoters in marketing their products for a service charge. Also we would try to arrange necessary training and financial assistance for the promoters.

Interested individuals, partnership firms or SHGs can contact us with their proposals and credentials to avail this benefit.

Institution to offer livelihood programmes

We are in the process of creating institutional framework to set up a multi-skill training institution to train illiterates, school dropouts and unemployed in the region. We have crossed planning phase, construction shall begin in near future. This institution while having residential facilities for about 500 students shall offer programmes to day scholars as well.

Our Programmes will include long term and short term trainings in office assistance, accounting, ICT skills, hospitality, electrical work, plumbing, construction, motor mechanic, driving, transport, security services, care giving to very old and ailing persons, tailoring, rural entrepreneurship, sales and marketing, gardening, agribusiness, livestock management etc.

Facilities & Services would include the followings:

  • 5 Acres. campus
  • Institutional building with training halls, counseling chambers, class rooms, labs, and offices;
  • Conference / meeting halls for industry interaction;
  • Separate hostels for boys and girls within the campus;
  • Staff quarters within the campus;
  • Guest houses to accommodate visiting faculty;
  • Play ground;
  • Services such as exposure visits, arranging stipend / sponsorship for deserving candidates, industry interaction, placement, support of self employment, mentorship, financial consultancy etc. shall be provided under a single roof.

All aforesaid programmes and facilities shall be offered at subsidized cost to be borne by the trainee. Unless sponsored by some or other organization or philanthropist or recommended under some government scheme, Govindalaya shall charge fee to the student.

While generating resources locally we are looking at philanthropists and agencies which can provide us financial support or support in the form of construction material, vehicles, furniture or expertise etc. for the aforesaid projects. Any support rendered shall be duly acknowledged.

Persons / organizations interested to contribute or to be our partner for projects aforesaid may kindly write a mail at or post a letter to our postal address.