A collaborative initiative jointly contemplated by Govindalaya & http://odishapride.com/.

This initiative is in a planning mode and aims at launching and managing periodical chronicle to depict, document and promote inspirational life and progress of individuals and entities of KBK origin. This chronicle shall be released in due course of time.

We are in search of people, technology, industry, institutions and ideas to showcase them as role-models, concepts to bring-in positive change and model institutions.

A single woman earning and living in a dignified manner, a physically disabled person living an independent life, a student studying well despite adverse conditions, a new product taking market share without much investment and an institution building efficiency in locals are to indicate few themes to be covered in our chronicle.

Objects behind this newsletter are to (i) raise inspiration level of commoners in general and KBK region in particular, (ii) offer replicable models available KBK region to Government, Planners and Policy makers, (iii) advocate the need for positivity and possibilities to demand larger space in all forms of media and greater attention at public platforms, and (iv) fund raising for greater causes.

For this project we are in search of

(i)                 Persons in KBK region with an investigative bent of mind who can identify rural ideals, document their story and share with us;

(ii)               Freelance editors;

(iii)             Translators (English to Odia)

Such persons shall be adequately compensated for the time and sincerity they would be devoting towards this cause.

Interested persons may write a mail to manasdas79@gmail.com or contact@govindalaya.org with their profile and a note indicating something similar they did in past.