Filed level services

1. Volunteer services

Govindalaya has a pool of about hundred (100) qualified and dedicated volunteers spread in all 8 districts of KBK capable of undertaking following tasks:

  • Undertaking various awareness programmes;
  • Organizing events for school children and working as a support system for teachers;
  • Organizing blood donation camps, eye camps and likes;
  • Helping in disaster mitigation and relief distribution activities anywhere in the Country;
  • Helping hapless parents and siblings of persons of KBK living abroad; and
  • Social surveys.

We organize periodical trainings and motivation programmes for our volunteers besides paying them suitable stipend depending on the jobs we undertake.

See effect of our volunteer services in ‘recent activity’ section.

2. Computer awareness

One of our realizations after working with communities in KBK region is by introducing communities and common men of this region to computer and internet we can accelerate our programmes and take common men on the path of progress in a faster manner. Working in this direction we have decided the followings:

  1. Providing basic level but functional computer and internet education to illiterates and semiliterate of this region;
  2. Training a group of 20 persons in  basic level hardware and networking course;
  3. To request companies and organizations to donate us second hand but functional      computers, lap tops, printers, copier and fax machines;
  4. To request institutions underutilizing infrastructure such as (schools, guest houses etc.) to share their space for some time with us. We will use such space at different towns and block headquarters in KBK region to offer computer education at a subsidized cost.

Few organizations have already made commitment to us to donate their discarded computers etc. now we are in the process of organizing space for commencing the programme. A dedicated team of 4 persons are already on this job.

3. Empowering general public in availing information and services from Government and local bodies

We have created a specialized cell to help and assist commoners to benefit from Right to Information Act, 2005, And Odisha Right to Public Services Act, 2012.

A word about these two laws

We all must know that under RTI Act. any and every citizen besides asking for policy and administration based information from Government one has right to seek information related to implementation work done by various departments responsible to provide electricity, water, transport, roads, food supply, security and policing and likes. We also must know that we have legal rights to ask for the followings:

  1. Information such as when did the health inspector visited your area and what did he do about stinking drain next to your house;
  2. Allowing you to inspect government files showing duties, responsibilities and attendance of government official posted in your area; and
  3. Sample of seeds supplied to farmers in your neighbourhood and slates      or uniforms supplied to school children.

All these rights together help citizens and government alike to maintain transparency and quality of services a citizen is entitled to.

For details please see Right to Information Act, 2005.

About Odisha Right to Public Services Act, 2012 we all must know that today a citizen has right to get government / departmental services in a time-bound manner. As of now 56 services including driving licence, tube well repair, land partition, issuance of land records, death and birth certificates are listed in the law. Law would punish and penalize the government / departmental employee for not acting on your request or application any of the services mentioned in schedules of the law book.

For details please see Odisha Right to Public Services Act, 2012 (English version), Odisha Right to Public Services Act, 2012 (Odia version) & Schedule 1, Schedule 2 and Schedule 3.

What role Govindalaya plays?

We use both the laws for public benefit. See the applications we filed and responses we received.

We help people in preparing and submitting applications under these two laws.

We prepare and submit applications on behalf of citizens if we are requested to do that and are convinced about handicap of the person requesting us to do that.

We pursue and follow up the issue till arriving at logical conclusions.

We conduct awareness programmes and training sessions to empower commoners on these subjects.

Please see the Section ‘RTI Cell’ to further understand our level of intervention and style of work in these areas.

Policy level services

4. Independent monitoring of few welfare policies of Government

We have been monitoring implementation of certain Government policies in KBK region. Object behind such monitoring is to make the locals aware and empowered about their entitlements under such policies besides ensuring effective functioning of the public institutions responsible for implementation. Based on findings we have been sending our inputs and observations to implementers and policy makers for necessary corrections and alterations in policy and implementation mechanism. The followings are to name a few policies which we are monitoring vigilantly.

  1. College handbook of guidelines
  2. Farmers Club
  3. PTA resolution
  4. Resolution of school support scheme
  5. Schools complaint
  6. Teaching quality management
  7. Tube well for AWCs
  8. Tube well mantanence
  9. Meeting with collector

5. Legal aid & advocacy

We formed a cell at Delhi by involving few policy makers and advocates from within and outside KBK. It has developed appropriate infrastructure and expertise to work with Government and local bodies in formulating effective policies and implementation strategies for overall development of KBK. At present we have taken up issues such as outward migration of youth, and interstate and intrastate disparities affecting KBK region. Strengthening government and non-government initiatives offering legal aid to poor and deserved in KBK is one of the mandates of this cell. We also take up common causes of public importance pertaining to KBK with Government and other authorities. Our services include followings:

  • Lobbying for good;
  • Representing KBK region at important national and international forums;
  • Bring social change through filing and pursuing Public Interest Litigation (PIL) before Odisha High Court and Supreme Court of India;
  • Arranging training for trainers in the fields of legal aid, alternate dispute resolution and policy making; and
  • Offering free consultation to Community based and Civil Society Organisations working for benefit of KBK region.

See some of our representations in our appeals section.

One can share with us realistic ideas, actionable information or seek our services by sending a mail to or posting a letter to our mailing address. You may also offer support in whatever manner you think you can for these causes.